The Story of Displacement:

The word gentrification was coined by British socialist Ruth Glass in 1964. In her book London; Aspects of Change, glass describes the upheaval of certain neighborhoods in London by the middle-class “gentry” from the countryside.


“ One by one, many of the working-class quarters have been invaded by the middle class—upper and lower, “ Glass wrote.  “Once this progress of 'gentrification'  starts in a district it goes on rapidly until all or most of the working class occupiers are displaced and the whole social character of the district is change.”  Even then, gentrification meant remaking a neighborhood for new incomers and to the detriment of current residents.

Gentrification has been a powerful yet negative force for economic change in our cities, but it is often accompanied by unnecessary cultural displacement which results in raising rent, home, and property value.


Our Story:

Bring Brooklyn Black


Bring Brooklyn Black is a community-based organization focused on fighting urban displacement caused by inflation, capitalism, prejudice, and gentrification. We believe that housing should be affordable for all.


This platform was created to educate, preserve, and inspire black/brown Brooklyn-based communities. In addition to exposing the large array of tactics; We also feature local businesses, community events, and provide the information many aren’t aware of or do not have access to.